Yamaha Cylinder Head Repair

Is your Yamaha cylinder head in need of service? We can provide you with cylinder head services that use the latest state of the art digital CNC machining processes to modify, maintain, and save your Yamaha head. You should be periodically checking your valve clearance and adjusting them accordingly, although, in most cases this is routine maintenance that gets overlooked. When the valves no longer get a good seal you will often run into issues with it starting.

We have competitive prices to keep your project on budget. In most cases it's cheaper to recondition your cylinder head but if for some reason it's not, will let you know too. We are here to help you, not just sell you a service. Our staff is always willing to offer professional advice and make sure your doing what's best for your Yamaha vehicle. 

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Yamaha Cylinder Head Pricing

Base Price

Disassemble Head, Clean-Prep Casting, Reassemble Head

  • 2-Valve Single Cylinder $99.00 + Parts if needed
  • 4-Valve Single Cylinder $149.00 + Parts if needed
  • 5-Valve Single Cylinder $198.00 + Parts if needed

Note* Base price is required for all cylinder head work (Example: 4-Valve Head = $149 + additional services and parts below)

Valve Job

Re-cut Seat

  • $29 per seat

Replace Seat / Valve Job

Remove damaged/worn seat, press in new seat and valve job

  • $69 each + price of each seat

Replace Guide / Valve Job

Remove damaged/worn guide, install new guide, ream and hone to size and valve job

  • $69 each + price of each guide

Replace Seat / Replace Guide / Valve Job

Remove damaged/worn guide, install new guide, ream and hone to size, replace seat and valve job

  • $89 each + price of each seat and guide

More information on Yamaha Cylinder Heads

Racing Motocross or Trail Riding? LaBaron's has you covered. If your dirt bike, side by side or ATV is in need of head repair we are your solution. Example, with today's YFZ450R and YZ250F Motocross Bikes, it's crucial to maintain valve adjustments and periodic valve adjustments. We can provide services to re-cut or replace your seats, replace your guides and lap in your valves. We offer a complete line of replacement valve-train components, that will last in your stock or high-performance application.

Yamaha Models We Service

YZ250F, YZ400F, YZ426F, YZ450F, Raptor 250, Raptor 350, Raptor 660, Raptor 700, Grizzly 350, Grizzly, 450, Grizzly 600, Grizzly 660, Grizzly 700, Kodiak 400, Kodiak 450, Kodiak 700, Rhino 450, Rhino 660, Rhino 700, and more.

yamaha cylinder head repair
yamaha cylinder head repair close up
yamaha cylinder head repair zoomed in 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I do when there are no shim sizes available for my valve adjustment?

A. This is caused by excessive valve stretch, valve face cupping, and/or seat recession.

Q. Are titanium or stainless steel valves better?

A. Titanium valves are lighter performance valves. Stainless Steel valves are more durable, and on average require less valve adjustments.

Q. Can you port my cylinder head too?

A. Yes we can. We offer basic hand porting and CNC porting.

Q. What Yamaha cylinder heads do you repair and/or recondition?

A. We specialize in Yamaha dirt bike, ATV, snowmobile, and side by side 4-stroke heads.