Engine Rebuilding

Properly rebuilding the modern power sports engine is not a task best left to the unskilled. At LaBaron's Power Sports, we have decades of experience in rebuilding high performance engines both 2-cycle and 4-cycle, for applications ranging from ATVs, dirt bikes, and side by side engines. Don't risk this invasive and costly procedure by trusting just anyone, when you can get your engine rebuilt here, properly, the first time, by our skilled engine craftsmen.

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Engine Disassemble & Inspection Pricing

  • Single Cylinder - Starting at $318.00*
  • Twin Cylinder - Starting at $477.00*

We do not service motorcycles (street bikes), PWC (jet ski) or snowmobiles. 

*This price includes disassembling the engine, full inspection (measure tolerances and check for wear) and provide a complete written estimate to rebuild your engine. This service is the "getting started price" we need to be able to provide an accurate estimate. Keep in mind this price will go towards the final repair bill. The only additional cost will be re-assembly labor, special operations (cylinder boring, nikasil re-plating, crankshaft rebuild, etc.) and parts.

Note: "Ball Park" estimates can sometimes be provided but are not the guaranteed price for your engine rebuild. If we had it are way, we would never quote prices over the internet but we understand you need an idea of what it might cost. Once we tear down and inspect your engine will we be able to provide you an accurate estimate.

Engine Rebuilding

More Information on Engine Rebuilding

We specialize in rebuilding dirt bike, side by side, and ATV engines. We can rebuild your engine to stock specifications that meets or exceeds original equipment reliability or build you a race engine with tons of performance.

Engine Rebuilding is done 100% in house. Our technicians have years of experience assuring you that your engine will be rebuilt right the first time. If you need cylinder boring or crankshaft rebuilding we do it all here in Imlay City, MI. If your cylinder needs nikasil re-plating we can provide this service too. We have access to OEM and aftermarket parts to be sure your engine is rebuilt to the utmost quality.

We service Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Arctic Cat, Polaris, KTM, Can Am, and Husqvarna engines. This gives us a broad range of experience that is unmatched in the industry. We can provide parts at a competitive price and we offer other services to rebuild your engine. Our power sports reputation (read our reviews) is important to us and we strive for excellence. Below you will find a step by step procedure to insure your engine rebuilding process goes smooth from start to finish. No surprises, only a professional job at a fair price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I proceed with having my engine rebuilt?

A: Outlined here is a step by step procedure, in which engine rebuilding is performed at LaBaron's Power Sports.

  1. Build a crate and/or box up your engine and ship it via UPS, FED-EX or freight services (LTL) to the provided address on our work order form (Be sure to include this form in the package).
  2. Your engine arrives at our shop via the selected shipping service you provided.
  3. One of our staff members will contact you and let you know your engine has arrived and obtain the proper approval for tear-down and diagnostic labor.
  4. Once your engine has been disassembled and inspected, we will provide you with a detailed quote. This price will include standard labor, as well as any special operations (crank rebuild, cylinder boring, head reconditioning), and all parts involved.
  5. The technician assigned to your job will call you and and obtain authorization for the total repair, unless you decide to decline the engine rebuild. In this case you will only be charged the tear down and inspection portion of the standard labor.
  6. If approved, parts will be ordered at this time.
  7. Once the parts arrive, your job will be completed accurately, and in a timely manner.
  8. Payment will be requested at the time of pickup or shipping in form of cash, credit card, or PayPal.

The end result is that your engine has been repaired, on time, and on budget. No surprises.

Q:What's included in a standard engine rebuild?

A: Your engine will be completely disassembled and all parts will be cleaned and inspected. The standard engine rebuild price will include any labor needed to re-assemble your engine, including replacement of bearings, crankshaft, piston, and proper torque of all fasteners. 4 stroke labor will include re-setting your valve clearances. Keep in mind, you will be quoted additional labor fees to rebuild your original crankshaft, bore or re-plate your cylinder, recondition your cylinder head (4-Stroke), or any machining that may be required.

Q: What kind of warranty do I get with my rebuilt engine?

A: Due to the nature of motocross, high performance engines and the fact that part manufactures do not warranty their parts, engine rebuilds do not include any warranty of any type expressed or implied. This is precisely why we have set forth procedures to ensure that no small part of the engine rebuild or performance service is overlooked. We at LaBaron's Power Sports have a reputation for outstanding performance in our engine rebuilds, and will continue to offer quality work by adhering to our guidelines.

Q: What is the turnaround time for my service?

A: Turn around time varies depending on the job, and time of year. Most engine rebuilding jobs will be completed in an average of 4-6 weeks, however some special operations may take longer due to parts availability.

Q: Once I have my engine rebuilt, can I bolt it in and go?

A: Not so fast... Many times, engine failures are due to improper jetting. Upon completion of the job, we can provide you with jetting RECOMMENDATIONS. Final jetting is ALWAYS the responsibility of the customer, unless the machine is brought in for jetting here at our location. We will not be held responsible for a failed engine due to improper jetting, or other factors that are out of our control. There are also other determining factors in the life of the engine, most of which we cannot account for when doing a simple engine rebuild. You will need to make sure your intake system is free of leaks (intake boot, air-box, and filter assembly) and that your carburetor is clean. You will also be responsible to determine that your cooling system is functioning properly, and that you maintain the correct oil level in the engine, as all engines are shipped dry.